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[[File:Dragon Ball GT 1 10 The rhythm of the Para Para Boogie!|thumb|right|335 px]] [[File:Pan_under_a_dance_trance.png|thumb]]
{{Template:Episode guide
{{Template:Episode guide
|Series = Dbgt
|Series = Dbgt

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Pan under a dance trance

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Dance and attack

[[File:Pan under a dance trance|300px]]
English titleDance and attack
SeriesTemplate:DB Series
SagaFanon saga
Episode number{{{Number}}}
Japanese airdate{{{Airdate}}}
Previous episode[[The Para Brothers vs the Androids]]
Next episode[[Bulma dances]]
[[in anime series::Template:Series number| ]] [[episode number::{{{Number}}}| ]] Dance and attack is the 10th episode of Dragonball GT.


The three Saiyans are under the spell of the Para Para Brothers.

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